5 Unique Wooden Trays for Your Tabletop

5 Unique Wooden Trays for Your Tabletop

Wood is eco-friendly and is one of the best insulators out there! Wooden trays are in-trend. A high-quality wooden tray is the best out there. They can be used for decor purposes, serving purposes, and entertainment purposes as well. They are available in a number of varieties, in all shapes and sizes to fit into your home. They are a great investment since they can be used to serve drinks and snacks and at the same time to manage items in your household. Thinking of a nice decor beside your terracotta figurine? A beautifully handcrafted wooden tray can be it.

Here are 5 Unique Wooden Trays for Your Tabletop:

1. DECORVAIZ Wood handcrafts Beautiful Table Decor Round Shape Wooden Serving Tray/Platter for Home and Kitchen

Round trays are contemporary looking and look amazing serving their purpose. Away from the usual rectangular trays going for a round tray is a great option. It is something out of the ordinary and can add newness to your household items. Specifically, this tray has an antique aura to it. It comes with attractive finishing. It is great to be used as a kitchen tray, appetizer tray, home decor displays, and party platter.

2. DECORVAIZ Rosewood (Sheesham) Handmade & Handcrafted Wooden Large Size Serving Trays (Set of 2)

This serving tray set is great for parties and outdoor feasting. Imagine cooking up a number of snacks and making drinks for a summer party in your garden, this tray is great for that. Rosewood is durable and termite-resistant. It can withstand a number of varnishes and polishes which makes rosewood a great material to be used as decor and serving trays. No matter how many times you wash the tray, it is not going to lose the polish. It will still be as new as ever.

3. Kitchen King Handicrafted Serving Tray with Moveable Metal Wheels for Serving Tea, Snacks

A tray with wheels! Isn’t this an awesome idea to impress your guests? Having this tray at home will increase the chance of your decor getting noticed and not just hide behind its purpose. This tray comes with metal wheels with rubber tires wrapped around them. It can be moved easily from one palace to another. Your kids will definitely love this tray! Imagine making samosas and serving them up with chutney on this wonderful plate.

4. WOOD ART STORE Wooden Brown Serving Tray|Coffee Table Tray | Decorator Tray | Service Tray | Wooden Tray | Candle Tray

This classic yet beautiful tray is here to make your life easy! It has great finishing and is perfect for serving coffee in bed. This is great for gifting purposes since this tray can make its place at almost any home. It is great for displaying decorations at your coffee table.

5. MyGift Rustic Whitewashed Wood Serving Tray with Cut-out Handles and Angled Edges

This beautiful rustic-looking tray is perfect for adding an aesthetic touch to your home. This is great for serving drinks since it has a nice grip. Oval cutouts make it easy to carry around the house. It has angeled corners and a unique-looking frame that will provide novelty to your kitchen accessories.

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