yaari customer care number

yaari customer care number
Yaari customer care number, +91-9152 990 990yaari customer care number near nala sopara, maharashtra,yaari customer care number near mumbai, maharashtra,yaari online shopping customer care number,yaari shopping customer care number,yaari shopping app customer care number,YAARII DIGITAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED.
About Yaari

Yaari is a new age social commerce app transubstantiating the way India gambles into entrepreneurship by optimising the use of social media platforms. The app aims to revolutionise community reselling with its slice edge technology and robust force chain and logistics services. Crucial features of the app include satiny interface, smooth navigation and tasteful feed. Yaari is a curated business that offers a range of products to choose from- vesture, footwear, accessories, home scenery particulars and much more at the valve of your fritters.

Scroll Through The App And Choose The Products You Would Like To Resell

Yaari recommends you periphery on products to maximise your earnings. Earn further thanRs. 25000/-a month with zero investment

Make Your Social Media Game Strong; Share On Instagram, WhatsApp And Facebook
. Now use Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook to make a personalised store for your musketeers, family and people across the nation
Figure Connections And Long- Lasting Bonds With Yaari
Come your musketeers’, cousins’, neighbors’and well- provision’ substantiated online store.

Grow Your Yearly Earnings To Make Meaningful Income
Admit your periphery, perk and prize plutocrat every week directly in your bank account.

Looking for ways to earn plutocrat online?
Use Yaari, India’s top reselling app to buy and vend lakhs of products from 200 orders. Join lakhs of resellers using the app and earn over Rs 25000 every month!

Start your online reselling business with zero- investment and with absolutely no threat. You only need a smartphone, internet connection and good network to begin working from home!
. Choose products your connections will like and fluently partake it with them through WhatsApp. Earn gains by dealing at the right price. At Yaari, you can vend rudiments, apparel, home décor, accessories and numerous further instigative, new and high- quality products.

How to use the Yaari app? yaari customer care number

Download and Register yourself on the app. You can now start dealing by creating your own particular online store!

Search Browse through a wide range of products, available at noncommercial prices. You’ll be notified first when new products, images and product canons are available.
Share Once you find a product you like, partake it with musketeers, family, neighbors and guests via WhatsApp. With‘one-click share’you can snappily shoot product information and admit orders.

Earn Add your periphery to the product’s price and collect your payment from the client. On the Yaari app, you can earn commissions on every order!
. Why Yaari is the stylish online reselling app in India

Quality products
Our products are sourced from a trusted network of suppliers. This means that you can vend to your guests without fussing about product quality. We also run regular quality checks to insure that you always get the best- quality products.
Smallest prices
Products on the Yaari app are sourced directly from noncommercial suppliers and manufacturers. This means they’re available at plant prices, and are extremely affordable.

Great perimeters
With noncommercial pricing, you get the chance to make good perimeters and earn advanced commissions. Your guests also profit as they get to buy quality products at reasonable prices.

Client support
Any questions or queries related to your online business are answered by our friendly and educated client support platoon. Just telegraph us  or call us on Reseller Helpline No 9152990990.
Have a question about products or How to place an order?
Go to our YouTube channel and find colorful vids on how to buy, how to order, how to place return request and numerous further.

Order tracking
Each order has an online payload tracking ID. This helps you keep your client always streamlined about their order. You also get a announcement when the order gets delivered to the client.

Easy delivery
We take care of shipping and delivery for you, so that you can concentrate on growing your business. Our products can be delivered to leg canons.

Hassle-free returns
Not satisfied with a product? Get easy return options on the Yaari app. You can indeed cancel the orders placed with a valid reason for cancellation!
Gifts, lagniappes and further
. There are amazing cashbacks available now to all resellers, and numerous further prices, gifts and lagniappes in the future! Your periphery and any lagniappes and prize plutocrat are credited directly to your bank account.

Use your phone to connect with people and earn plutocrat online through reselling. Download Yaari and come your musketeers’and family’s dream salesman.

With the Yaari reseller app, you can start earning gains via online reselling from the comfort of your home. Relate our app to people in your network and they too can start making plutocrat online without any investment!
Start your online business of reselling quality products moment. Download the Yaari app!

Yaari is an operation which provides an online business (“ Operation”) where registered suppliers (“ Suppliers”) can offer to vend their products to registered Stoner of the Operation (“ Resellers”). The Operation and the website atwww.yaari.in (“ Website”) ( inclusively, the “ Platform”) are operated by YAARII DIGITAL INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED ( including its directors, full time workers, accessories and cells, inclusively, the “ Company”). The Company’s part is limited to the managing Operation and associated marketing, payment collections, order operation, enquiry operation and other incidental services to enable the deals between the Suppliers and the Reseller (“ Business”/” Services”). The Operation isn’t made available on a cybersurfer terrain and will have to be installed as a standalone mobile operation.
By installing, downloading or indeed simply visiting or penetrating any part of the Operation or utilising the Services and penetrating the Website, Stoner, including without limitation Stoner who are cybersurfers, Suppliers, Resellers, merchandisers, or contributors of content ( inclusively, “ Stoner”) agree to be bound by the Terms of Use (“ Terms”) contained herein and by other programs of the Company (“ Programs”) as posted on the Operation or Website from time to time. References to the Stoner in these Terms must be demonstrated in the environment in which the term is used. For case, a Stoner placing an order should be read as the Reseller placing an order.
The Terms and the Programs take effect on the date on which the Operation is downloaded/ Website is used and/ or the date on which they’re streamlined, creating a fairly binding arrangement between the Stoner and the Company. The Stoner’s agreement with the Company includes these Terms and the sequestration policy (“ Sequestration Policy”) available at  ( inclusively the “ Agreement”).
Stoner can review the most current interpretation of the Terms and Programs at any time on this runner. The Company reserves the right to unilaterally modernize, change or replace any part of these Terms by posting updates or changes to the Operation. It’s the responsibility of the Stoner to check this runner periodically for changes. The Stoner’s continued use of or access to the Operation following the advertisement of any changes constitutes acceptance of those changes. As long as the Stoner complies with these Terms, the Company grants the Stoner a particular,non-exclusive,non-transferable, limited honor to enter and use our Platforms and Services.


yaari customer care number
yaari customer care number


The Stoner represents and warrants that it has the right to pierce or use the Platform. The persons who are “ unskillful to contract” within the meaning of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 including minors,un-discharged insolventsetc. aren’t eligible to pierce and use the Platform. The Platform can be penetrated and used by those individualities or business realities, including sole procurement enterprises, companies and hookups, which can form fairly binding contracts under Indian Contract Act, 1872. Only individualities who are eighteen (18) times of age or aged may use the Operation and mileage Services. The Company reserves the right to terminate the Stoner account and/ or deny access to the Platform if it’s brought to the Company’s notice or if is discovered that the Stoner doesn’t meet the conditions herein.

. The Company doesn’t permit the Stoner to pierce and view the contents of the Operation without enrollment on the Operation. The Stoner may pierce the Operation by registering to produce an account and come a member. The class is limited for the purpose of buying or dealing products, is subject to these Terms, and rigorously not transmittable.
The Stoner agrees to give accurate, current and complete information during the enrollment process and to modernize similar information to keep it accurate, current and complete.
The Stoner is needed to enter a valid phone number while registering on the Company’s Platforms. By registering their phone figures with the Company, the Stoner concurrence to be communicated by the Company via phone calls, SMS announcements or instant dispatches, in case of verifications and in case of subscription/ service/ promotional updates. The Stoner may conclude of subscription/ service/ promotional updates.
Upon enrollment, the Stoner may be needed to complete a verification process as part of setting up their accounts. Formerly set up, the Stoner is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his/ her/ its account information, and is completely responsible for all conditioning that do through his/ her/ its accounts. Should there be cases of any unauthorized use of their accounts or any other breach of security, the Stoner is needed to incontinently notify the Company to stop recycling requests from their accounts, until farther instructions.
It’s the responsibility of the Stoner to give correct mobile number so that the Company can communicate with the Stoner via SMS. The Stoner understands and agrees that if the Company sends an SMS but the Stoner don’t admit it because the Stoner’s mobile number is incorrect or out of date or blocked by the Stoner; service provider or the Stoner is else unfit to admit SMS, the Company shall be supposed to have handed the communication to the Stoner effectively.
The Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account or access to the Operation including blocking any quantities due to the Stoner and associated account-
(i) if any information handed during the enrollment process or later proves to be inaccurate, not current or deficient; and/ or
. (ii) if, in the Company’s assessment, the Stoner has (a) charged an unreasonably high price; (b) unreasonable cases of returns and/ or cancellations initiated; (c) engaged in conduct that are fraudulent, careless or depreciatory to the Company’s interests.
(ii) if the Stoner is plant to benon-compliant with the Terms, Programs and/ or the Sequestration Policy as the case may be. On enrollment, the Stoner will admit a word defended account and an identification. The Stoner agrees to

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