How to Choose the Perfect EPOS Headset?

How to Choose the Perfect EPOS Headset?

While working independently and remotely, you decide the location and mode of your work. The perfect headset for you can provide comfort to your work and pleasure. It provides you with flexibility and a work-life balance. The ideal headset can give you multiple advantages like improved clarity in call and both active and passive noise cancellation. There is a vast range of Epos headsets available in the market. They add more specifics such as user comfort, design updating and wireless portability every year. Choosing a particular one can be a challenge.

The following parameters could help you in selecting the perfect Epos headset.

  1. Types of devices you work on

Your headset needs to get connected to your device without fail. Epos headsets are designed for all types of devices possible.

  • PC/Softphone: The headset can be paired with this device using a USB/USB-C cable, USB dongle (Bluetooth) or Apple Mac OS or Microsoft Windows
  • Desk Phone: The headset can be connected to this device using multiple cables with Easy-Disconnect.
  • Mobile Phone: The headset can be connected to this device via a 3.5mm jack cable or Bluetooth.
  • Telecoil: Hearing aids equipped with a telecoil can be connected with these headsets.
  1. It depends on your use

If you need to attend multiple calls where clarity is one of the critical factors, or if your work depends on uniting with others via online portals like Zoom, Google Hangout. Microsoft team, you need to be aware of the right Epos headset. For instances:

  • Impact Line: Choose the impact line if you work in crowded call centres and offices where a significant portion of your day is spent interacting with the customers around the desk.
  • Adapt Line: Those who work on their own and from different locations attending meetings or calls can opt for the Adapt line.
  • Expand Line: These are for people who have to attend calls/meetings with shareholders, colleagues, and customers and need pliable speakerphones that can be plugged in and played quickly and who need to participate in daily conference calls.
  1. Comfort

Everyone needs to be comfortable while at work. If your headsets are not comfortable to fit your ears or even over your head, it could distract your concentration, and you might fail to reach your work goal. If it is too tight, it could hurt your ear or fall off if it is too loose. It is wise to focus more on quality to guarantee your comfort in the long run.

A headset that is lightweight is the best option when you attend long calls. It should be made of high-quality lightweight steel or plastic. More importantly, headphones should be flexible enough to adjust for different head sizes and shapes.

  1. The sound environment you work in

It is essential to be aware of your workplace’s location or environment. Suppose you take long calls to interact with the clients or customers at a shared workplace or internet café or while travelling back and forth from the office or working from home. In that case, you need a particular headset that goes for all your locations. Consider that you need to be at different places at other times of the day to have your job done. In that case, you would require a headset suitable for all these types of sites. For instances:

  • In a low-noise surrounding, you need a microphone with an Omni-directional feature.
  • In a medium-noise surrounding, you need a microphone with a noise-cancelling feature.
  • In high-noise surroundings, you need headphones with a top noise-cancelling feature to get total clarity.
  1. Double or One-sided

Single ear headsets are required for individuals whose calls require more clarity and can concentrate on the surrounding noise. In contrast, double-sided headsets are necessary to cancel the background noise while keeping the transparency in the call intact. Individuals working in call centres, whose sole purpose is to concentrate on the callers without getting interrupted by background noise, can opt for double-sided headphones.


Epos headsets are designed for every individual. Due to the vast availability of Epos headsets, you can select the perfect one. Hopefully, these details could help you bring home an Epos headset to encounter its comfort and advantages.

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