ipad pro 11-inch reviews and features

ipad pro 11 inch reviews and features

ipad pro 11 inch

The iPad Pro 11 inch was updated in April 2021, equipped with Apple M1 processor, USB 4/Thunderbolt port and 5G wireless connection. There is also a frameless ProMotion display that supports Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil. Professional tablet.

  • Edge-to-edge ProMotion Display
    ● M1 chip
    ● USB-C port now supports USB 4/Thunderbolt
    ● Face ID
    ● Apple Pencil support (second gen)
    ● Starting at $799

The 11-inch iPad Pro is the smaller of the two high-end iPads. Today, Apple markets the iPad Pro as an ultra-portable professional tool to complement or replace the Mac.

Apple did not provide a Mac with a touch screen and switched macOS to touch support. Instead, it modified its tablet product line with new hardware and software. After Microsoft’s Surface and other Windows 2-in-1 products achieved mixed results, Apple hopes that the iPad Pro can conquer the notebook and tablet market with a single device.

iPad Pro 11 inch Features      


The smaller iPad Pro has undergone many changes since its introduction. In 2017, more compact models were updated to make the frame smaller and the screen size increased from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inches. Then, in 2018, Apple removed the Home button to increase the screen size. The screen size can reach 11 inches.A single bezel with speakers in each corner provides independent physical orientation for the device.The side of the 11-inch iPad Pro is flat for easy gripping, and the inductive charger for Apple Pencil is located on the side of the device. The camera and 90 magnets are used to fix the case.

The smart plug position in 2018 and later requires the keyboard accessory to be installed in the device like a protective cover.Perhaps one of the most important features is the USB-C port, which allows you to easily connect various devices without special cables. Users can connect a USB-C hard drive, external monitor (such as LG Display) or charge iPhone through this port. The addition of USB-C makes iPad Pro a Mac alternative for many people. In the fifth-generation models, Apple has realized a USB 4/Thunderbolt compatible connection. With a bandwidth of up to 40 Gbit/s, the latest model offered by the new port is four times the wired bandwidth of its predecessor.

The fourth-generation iPad Pro adds a dual camera system with built-in LiDAR. Sensors are used to represent the environment in three dimensions, and augmented reality can be improved. It can work 5 meters away and provide instant results, making AR applications more accurate and easier to use. The fifth-generation model also includes lidar.

M1 processor


Apple is known for the performance of the Apple Silicon ARM chipset, which can be found on all its mobile devices and the latest Mac computers. These are special 5 or 7 nanometer chipsets with 8-core GPUs.

The 2021 update adds a powerful Apple M1 processor to the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, which is the same chip in Apple’s latest Mac.

On the Mac, the chip’s benchmark score is better than all Intel MacBooks and most Intel Mac desktops. The iPad Pro will combine an eight-core processor and an eight-core GPU, and the performance has been significantly improved compared with the previous model A-series chips.

The base model has 8 GB of RAM, while the more expensive models of 1 TB or more have 16 GB of RAM.

Although touted as a professional device, the 11-inch iPad Pro is also a competent slot machine. The game is updated to use a 120 Hz refresh rate for a smoother gaming experience, and the M1 can handle this problem without any problems. The company hopes that developers will use its powerful mobile processors for more complex game applications.

5G in the iPad Pro 11 inch


The cellular version of the iPad Pro 2021 now supports 5G wireless connections and will be Apple’s first 5G cellular devices added to the iPhone 12 series.5G speed is theoretically faster than LTE, although many users do not notice much difference in today’s real world.

iPad Pro 2021 version supports millimeter wave technology, which is the highest frequency version of 5G. It can reach speeds up to 4 Gbit/s. Apple described the iPad Pro equipped with 5G as “the widest 5G range in its class” and “the widest 5G coverage in the world.”

The 2021 model includes Apple SIM, which allows users to register or transfer 5G services without inserting a physical SIM card. Early iPad Pro mobile models ran at full LTE speeds. However, older LTE versions running in AT&T variants use the misleading “5GE” logo to indicate optimized 4G technology.

Magic Keyboard


In 2020, Apple released the first iPad keyboard with integrated cursor function. Like the latest Mac models, the Magic Keyboard has a touchpad and scissor switch.

The Magic Keyboard uses magnets built into the iPad and keyboard to fix the iPad on the keys, giving the tablet a floating appearance.

This accessory is compatible with the 11-inch 2018, 2020 and 2021 iPad Pro models. The keyboard is priced at $299. It is also compatible with iPad Air 4.

In 2021, Apple will start selling the white version of the keyboard at the same price.

Center Stage


The latest iPad Pro models include Center Stage, which uses Apple’s new 12 MP ultra-wide-angle front camera for the new iPad. Center Stage combines the largest field of view with the machine learning function of M1, so that the user can keep the picture clear even when the user is moving.

If the user moves during a video call, the center stage will automatically scroll to keep them in the picture. When other people join, the camera will recognize them and gradually zoom out to fit them all into the frame.



Due to the location of the Smart Connector on the current generation of iPad Pro, Apple is the only company that offers compatible accessories: Smart Keyboard and Magic Keyboard. Other keyboards are connected via Bluetooth or USB-C, usually directly connected to the iPad Pro to form a clamshell.The second-generation Apple Pencil is the only version compatible with iPad Pro 2018 and later. This limitation is due to the connection of the first-generation Apple Pencil through the Apple Lightning port, which is not available in the modern iPad Pro. Use iPad Pro’s magnetic stand for storage, wireless charging, and pairing.

Logitech Crayon is also suitable for iPad Pro, because Apple has patented pairing technology built into the 11-inch iPad Pro.The USB-C port provides many other optional accessories, such as external drives, monitors, keyboards, controllers, and hubs. Many devices use this standard, which opens the door for iPad users to use accessories they already own. You can also use the iPad battery to charge your iPhone through the USB-C port.

In the fifth-generation models released by Apple in April 2021, the port now supports Thunderbolt and USB 4 standards, and continues to support USB-C.The Magic Keyboard was released in May 2020 and adopts a new design inherited from the smart keyboard case. The iPad is mounted on a magnetic stand, which is hovering over the keyboard and trackpad. It is suitable for the third and fourth generation models and iPad Air 4.When the iPad is connected, the USB-C port at the bottom of the keyboard provides pass-through charging, so the port on the iPad itself remains free. The keyboard connector does not support data transfer.

11-inch iPad Pro (2020) Review


We will update this page after reviewing the 5th generation 11-inch iPad Pro (2021). The following is an overview of the previous generation AppleInsider model. The 2020 iPad Pro update focuses more on technological improvements rather than new features or redesigns. We think that the 11-inch iPad Pro is still one of the best tablets to buy, but maybe if you have already bought it, you can wait. 2018 model.Apple has not changed much on this iPad: slightly improved processor, lidar and new ultra-wide-angle camera, as well as Wi-Fi 6, 6 GB of memory and 128 GB of basic memory instead of 64 GB. For most users, these changes are trivial and do not need to update the 2018 model.

If you are new to the iPad or have redesigned before, then this is an incredible update. With the release of Magic Keyboard for iPad and iPadOS 13, Apple makes this hardware release even more exciting.The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is an excellent accessory that turns iPad Pro into a small laptop with a trackpad. The iPadOS 13.4 update also brings complete cursor support, making it more attractive.The hardware itself is not compelling, because the A12Z is ​​just an offset to the A12X. Improved graphics performance, additional LiDAR processing and 6 GB of memory are not enough for iPad Pro 2018 users to upgrade.

However, the iPad Pro without A12Z has reached the performance limit of the provided software. App store games, professional applications and system functions have been running perfectly on the old chip, so a small increase in processor performance is reasonable.LiDAR scanners provide unique features for augmented reality applications. This system is the predecessor of iPhone 12 LiDAR and provides developers with the opportunity to pre-develop applications for the platform.

LiDAR is a new feature that you may not use in your daily life, but it has some practical advantages: it allows developers to create applications that allow users to place virtual objects in the environment without first scanning. Use the wall for the first time.Although the updates are incremental, they add a whole new dimension to the device. Although owners of the 2018 model do not need to update, new customers will find it worth buying.

The 11-inch iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard can replace your old laptop. Its portability and Apple Pencil compatibility will at least improve your workflow.


  • The tablet still looks great.
  • Better graphics, although there is little support for Wi-Fi 6.
  • Both 2018 and 2020 will be compatible with Magic Keyboard.
  • iPadOS 13.4 is a major update to the comprehensive update of the iPad.
  • Only when you use it, the AR ultra-wide-angle lens is perfect for people who need a camera.


  1. Optional update
  2. Smart Keyboard Folio LiDAR still has problems,
  3. there is no custom application and it depends on the developer.
  4. There is no obvious speed increase.

iPad Pro 11-inch Review


The best iPad may also be the best computer made by Apple Even before I got the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro, I started writing this review. When I first learned about the new 11-inch iPad Pro, it was a keyboard-style smart double-sided folder. Smart Keyboard Folio is as good as ever. From the new iPad Pro, and in the previous version, it was just a “smart keyboard” imitating the Smart Case style.

However, the Magic Keyboard takes iPad to a whole new level. The reason for this is not only that it has a built-in trackpad, which is the first of Apple and its iPad, but also that the iPad is located on a floating object. Using iPad is very different from the past. Now it looks like a laptop, or so many can be called a computer.

This is a big step forward for the iPad and Apple’s innovative initiatives from any platform other than the iPhone and Mac, and many people want to know which direction it will take for a while. Many things I like about MacBook Pro are now available on iPad, and it feels like we are entering a new iPad world that has met people’s expectations from the beginning.

After understanding and understanding what the magic keyboard can bring to this new iPad, I had to start my review from the beginning. I decided to review the 11-inch iPad Pro, just like I reviewed the previous 12.9-inch screen iPad Pro, and plan to conduct this review in a similar way to see how the iPad Pro is different from the previous iPad.

Instead, I will take a new direction, so this overview will be divided into two parts:

The first is to think of the iPad as a tablet. Outline why the iPad is still the best tablet. Whether you use Apple Pencil or read media, the iPad is unmatched.

The second part will outline the iPad as an alternative to laptops. I would like to say that the second part summarizes the iPad as a computer, but I know that many people, including myself, will laugh at this view. If the iPad is not a computer yet, I will compare it to a MacBook Pro (or any other laptop you may have), even before mouse support appears.

It’s too early to comment too much, but I’m very happy to see the size of the 11-inch iPad Pro. It was not until I started using it with the Magic Keyboard that I realized that it was not only an excellent tablet, but also a potential replacement for my 13-inch MacBook Pro. I have talked about using the iPad as the only device in the past. When I also saw the reason, I was open to the possibility of reusing the iPad, and this reason may finally appear.

The iPad as a Tablet


One problem I encountered while testing the 12.9-inch iPad Pro was using Apple Pencil. Obviously, I cannot connect and test when I have the device. However, at 11 inches, I was able to use Apple Pencil often and found it particularly useful when I wanted to edit a book manually.

I uploaded a few pages of my book to GoodNotes and used Apple Pencil, just like taking notes on a piece of printed paper. Although my writing is not the best, it is easy to jot down small notes and highlight certain areas of the text. I find this very useful in the academic environment of school homework or when reviewing articles in academic journals.


Productivity: multitasking, tasks, taking notes

Working from home makes it easier for me to use my technology for work. I usually don’t bring the equipment to the office because I cannot connect to the network or access the content I need to work.However, at home, I started to use applications that can be used on Windows laptops and iPads, such as Notion, so I can use the iPad to take notes and keep track of my schedule in meetings.

I like Notion and plan to visit the app again soon. I like the ability to embed the page in the page and copy the to-do list that I made the next day to help complete repetitive tasks or move to-do tasks. the next day.It is also a nice, clean application that can easily be used as my new to-do list. Sorry, I have seen the benefits of using the app on the iPad in meetings. When I want to share an application with other applications (such as Goodnotes), I can view the application in full screen or half screen.

When I placed Notion and GoodNotes side by side, I saw the iPad with Apple Pencil shining in the meeting. I am glad that my agenda is listed in the concept section on the left, and there is a space on the right to write it. Of course, if the 12.9-inch screen has more space for wiring, it will be better, but the 11-inch screen is not bad at all, I never feel that I run out of space.


Consumption: reading, watching, playing

The iPad has always been considered an excellent consumer device. The ability to watch movies, stream videos, scroll through social media, or read books has always been a highlight of the iPad, not just because of the hardware. Provides a great experience, but also because there are many facilities available.

Any streaming application can think of Amazon Prime, Netflix, and even AppleTV+, any book you want to read on Apple Books or Kindle, or any game you want to play on the App Store or Apple itself. arcade.

The iPad provides multiple ways to handle all types of media, which is an important aspect of using the device as a tablet. You can do all of the above on your phone or laptop, but the tablet provides a great experience, which makes the iPad even better in this regard.

Since I was forced to stay at home, I have read a lot of books, and the 11-inch iPad Pro is perfect for me. Whether you are reading a book, a common story, or a blog post, the size and weight of the 11-inch Pro are ideal for long-term use. The size and weight are the same as the 10.5-inch Pro shared by my wife and I, but the frame is thinner and the screen is slightly larger.

The iPad has always been a great tablet, and I have to argue that the 11-inch Pro provides a better tablet experience than any other. The 12.9-inch display provides a larger screen, but I feel that the larger screen is also sacrificed. I think this takes away the tablet experience. The increased weight and size make the 12.9-inch tablet computer as bulky and less comfortable as a tablet computer. I never think so.

iPad as an alternative to laptops


Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

Just to reiterate, after I purchased the Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro, I changed my plan for this review. Combining the 11-inch iPad Pro with Smart Folio and then using the Magic Keyboard changed my overall view of the features of this iPad. I’m seriously considering replacing my MacBook Pro with this setting. It used to be important because I really like my 13-inch MacBook Pro.

When iPadOS 13.4 supports mouse, I tested it on iPad Pro 10.5 using Apple’s Smart Keyboard and Magic Mouse. The biggest problem with this setting is that I keep forgetting to use the mouse. Finger on the screen. I like to use the mouse to remember how to use it, and it’s great to be able to position the cursor exactly where I need to fix a sentence or word when writing a Medium post. I think it’s natural, I forgot that there was a mouse.

When I turned on the Magic Keyboard of the 11-inch iPad Pro and launched Ulysses to start writing this review, I easily navigated to the built-in trackpad and started using it. very nice. The trackpad sounds clumsy, cheap, or unintuitive, but I am surprised how much I like running text and all of iPadOS.


In many ways, I don’t think I am as eager to lift my finger to touch the screen like I did on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro-it’s the floating design of the Magic Keyboard. The screen is located above the keyboard and above the number keys. It feels that the screen is closer than the smart keyboard. By preventing me from touching the screen and moving to the trackpad, it gives people a more natural feeling.

The trackpad is a bit short, but very wide, so you can navigate from one of the bottom corners of the iPad to the opposite top corner without lifting your finger. Maybe because it is an 11-inch model. When navigating from top to bottom, there is no problem with the height of the touchpad.In iPadOS 13.4, the cursor supports turning a small dot into a button in the area you want to click, and using the cursor to add another application in the split screen view and adjust the window size is no problem. Trust me, I like to use the iPad’s built-in trackpad.

Using gestures on the trackpad is great, I can easily swipe home with four fingers and swipe between apps with three fingers, just like I always do. The iPad’s navigation has never been so natural, it can express how pleasant it is.Now the keyboard itself really feels good. Many people say it is similar to Apple’s current Magic Keyboard, which you can get with your iMac or buy it separately. A little more noise and cheaper.


I think the keyboard feel on my MacBook Pro or even the Smart Folio keyboard is better than the keys on the Magic Keyboard. Again, I am not saying that it is bad, but it is not as good as other keyboards and laptops.This may be due to my size, because this is an 11″ version, where the buttons are slightly smaller and squeezed together, but even on a 12.9″ screen, it has exactly the same type of buttons. -inch. , Shutdown feels different from MacBook Pro. Yes, its key travel may be a bit higher than the MacBook Pro 2019 with butterfly keyboard, but the keys feel less stable or firm.

After using the keyboard for a while while writing this review, I feel that I can type fairly quickly without many errors, whether it’s on the table, in front of my position, or in my lap. The Magic Keyboard feels stable and does not shake too much, even if I type fast enough. Another great advantage of this keyboard is the backlit keys; I usually use touch input, so I don’t look at the keyboard while typing, but it’s good to have the keys glow in the dark if I have to.

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