Nitin Soni (an Indian blogger) Founder of NS Article

Nitin Soni (an Indian blogger) Founder of NS Article

In this era of internet, Hindi blogs are read by most of the people in India in the search engine Google. Blog or website is the best way to share knowledge and experience related to any subject with people. In today’s time in India, More than 140 crore people live in the country, that is why most of the people in India read Hindi content through Hindi language.

Google is the world’s largest search engine. Google itself fully supports the Hindi language. There are many big Hindi bloggers in India. Among them, Nitin Soni is making his mark through his popular blog NS Articles. Yes, it is also true that in today’s time, competition has started increasing in Hindi blogging.

Many Hindi bloggers create their blogs every day. Search Engine Google also keeps organizing its events for bloggers in India from time to time. Hindi language is being given the most importance on Google.

Who is Nitin Soni?

Nitin Soni is the writer and founder of Hindi blog NS Article, who is mainly famous for his Hindi articles. In this era of network and technology, he is always interested in knowing and understanding new things.

Nitin Soni’s name in India. As an Indian blogger, he is becoming popular every day. Many people keep searching his name on Google. When someone goes to his blog, he mainly gets interesting information on many topics to see and read.

Biography of Nitin Soni

Nitin Soni was born in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh, after which his childhood was spent here. He was good in studies since childhood. It is said that he passed his high school education from this district of UP i.e. Meerut. Since childhood, he has been interested in reading and knowing about his favorite topics.

Even today, he is fond of reading books as per his interest. He is from a middle class family in Meerut district. After passing his high school examination, he further He decided to pursue his studies from Haldwani city of Uttarakhand.

After this decision, he came directly from Meerut district to Haldwani city of Uttarakhand from where he continued his further studies regularly. It is said that he started his blogging career. He started it after high school but in the year 2022, on May 13, he started his popular blog NS Article.

Journey of NS Article by Nitin Soni

In the journey of NS Article, Nitin Soni faced a lot of problems in the beginning. Due to less experience, his blogging career was in great struggle but he never gave up in his blogging career. He considered all his failures necessary to reach success in the year 2022.

When he started his blog, at that time he had knowledge on some good topics in blogging career, to increase it, he worked on increasing his knowledge and experience through books and videos related to those topics, that is why today Due to its useful articles, it is very popular among the people reading Hindi blogs in India.

They are most interested in understanding, learning and teaching things. In the beginning, there was not much traffic on their blog, but with time it gradually increased. Organic traffic on his blog started increasing. Due to his useful articles, people reading Hindi blogs started reading his articles daily, after which it gradually started growing.

He started NS Article on 13th May in the year 2022. Initially he used to work only on his blog daily but he was not able to see good results at that time. Understanding his mistakes, he made his blogging career successful even now. Working as a blogger, he has recently started a new Hindi blog, whose name we do not know yet. He is always ready to learn new things in his career.

On what topics is information available on NS Articles?

Presently on NS Article you get information on many topics, here you get to read one of the best articles on the topic of relationship, here many articles are published by Nitin Soni ji, along with this you get information in the name of Internet. Also get a category.

You can read a lot of information related to technology, weather and other topics in NS Articles. They regularly publish blogging related articles in the blogging category of NS Articles. You can also learn a lot about blogging from here.

Similarly it keeps publishing many important articles to earn money for all the people of India. Many bloggers who are new in their blogging career get the right information through NS articles. Such bloggers like their articles the most.

Many people read their articles related to earning money in this age of internet. Some people show their interest in reading their articles related to relationship related category to solve the problems of their life.

In its Internet category, it writes articles mostly on those topics about which people are searching for information the most on the Internet, so that it can give correct information to all those Internet users.

Is Nitin Soni active on social media?

Yes, at present Nitin Soni uses Instagram the most. It is present on almost all social media platforms but he does not use all social media platforms much. In his career, he uses social media only to connect with people. Mainly they can be contacted through email which you can get from their popular blog NS Article.


Through this article, we have told many important things to all of you internet users about the life of Nitin Soni ji, an emerging name in Hindi blogging. He is an Indian blogger who is currently on NS Article as well as on many other blogs. To get more information about the work they are doing, you can visit their popular Hindi blog NS Article.

You can comment below for any of your questions or you can directly contact Nitin Soni and ask him your questions for which you can use Instagram otherwise you can contact Nitin Soni and his team through email. You can contact directly, you will find it on his Hindi blog NS article.

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