Sharp and Suave: A Guide to Men’s Style and comfort

Sharp and Suave: A Guide to Men's Style and comfort Blucheez

When was the last time you looked into your cupboard? Most of the men are not as fashion enthusiastic as their partner, but if you are smart about your purchases and your outfit makes you feel comfortable then you will definitely look stylish and dapper in any way Blucheez.

Choosing the right wardrobe is going to help you to keep on track, so below we have put together a mini guide of what you need to ensure in your wardrobe from Blucheez to keep yourself comfortable and stylish no matter what. As we are an online apparel brand, so you can purchase anything from different places of Bangladesh!

Men’s T-shirts:

Men's T-shirts

T-shirts are versatile and comfortable staple in any men’s wardrobe. They are perfect for casual outings, workouts, and lounging at home. The perfect T-shirt for men are available in Blucheez in various styles, including drop shoulder, crew neck and round-neck. Different types of chest print like high density print, photo print, rubber print, flock print, and pigment print can be found in the T-shirts. Most of the T-shirts are crafted from 100% cotton with extra-long staple fiber, better moisture management and excellent color retention capacity.

The most vital aspect to elevate you look in a t-shirt is finding the right fit. Tee that is too tight or too loose can be unflattering. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the tee fits snugly but not too tight around the chest, shoulders, and arms. The length of the shirt should reach just below the waistband of your pants. Ranging from sixes S to XXL, you will find a size chart in our website that going to help you to get perfect sized attire!

Men’s Polo Shirts:

Tshirt & Tops - Blucheez

Blucheez’s Polo shirts are a timeless classic that can be dressed up or down. They feature a collar and button placket and sometimes different types of patches depending on design. Blucheez polo shirts are perfect for semi-casual occasions like a night out with friends or a day at the golf course. In website, you will find our polo shirts come with both bold and pastel colors including monochromatic or cut and sew designed. By construction, the long staple cotton fiber of these polo’s are regarded for breathable, extra strength and excellent color retention. Pair your polo shirt with khaki shorts, chinos, or denim pants for complete your look.

Men’s Formal Shirts:

Men's Formal Shirt Collection Blucheez

Formal shirts are a must-have for any man who needs to dress up for work, weddings, or other formal events. If you want to buy men’s formal shirt from online, Blucheez is your best option. Blucheez men’s formal shirts are come in various styles, including dress shirts, button-downs, and oxford shirts. This shirts are made of 100% premium cotton fabrics that for sure will keep you comfortable all the way from hot summer to chilling winter. The color palette for formal shirts includes shades of blue, pink, grey and white. You’ll also see a lot of subtle prints such as stripes, checks, and dots in men’s formal shirt collection. All the shirts are designed in that way that are suitable for all skin tones. Both regular and slim fit shirt are available on our website. Contrasted collar, cuff and embroidered embellishment are also a few element to make your look chic and stylish. These formal shirts are cen be beneath an unbuttoned suit jacket or be paired up with chinos, denim, or even khakis, you will look stunner in any way!

Men’s Casual Shirts:

Men's Casual Shirts Blucheez

If you are looking for casual shirts for a relaxed outing like a day at the beach or a barbecue with friends, then Blucheez casual shirt is perfect for you. They come in

Various styles, also in exotic prints, dip dye, tie-dye, and abstract patterns. The color palette includes earthy tones such as beige, brown, and olive green. All the casual shirts are tailored in a fit that it is great for both layering and wear alone. They are made from comfortable materials, such as cotton or viscose. Pair your casual shirt with shorts or rolled-up chinos for a comfortable and stylish look.

Denim Pants:

Denim pants are a classic option that never goes out of style. Blucheez denim pants are made from a sturdy, durable material that can withstand wear and tear. These pants come in various shades of blue in different types of style and fit. Even if you are looking for ripped jeans you can easily purchase it from our website. Our jeans are engineered with precise ratio of cotton and elastane that gives you both ruggedness and freedom of maximum movement. Blucheez jeans are great for casual outings and can be paired with a t-shirt or button-up shirt.

Chino Pants:

Blucheez chino pants is an exclusive selection of elegant with superior quality designs. They are made from a lightweight cotton material that makes them comfortable to wear. Chino pants are come in a range of colors, making it easy to find a pair that suits your style. They can be paired with a button-up shirt for a smart casual look or a t-shirt for a more relaxed vibe. Wear our chinos to make your daily wear comfortable and fashionable; they will make you float every step!


Joggers are a comfortable and stylish option for men who want to look good while staying comfortable. Blucheez joggers are made from a stretchy material that allows for ease of movement, making them perfect for activities such as running or hiking.

Joggers come in a range of colors and styles. You can create both cool and classy look while you pair up joggers with Blucheez tee.

Cargo Pants:

Cargo pants are a practical option for men who need plenty of pockets to carry essentials. Blucheez cargo pants are made from a durable material and have multiple pockets for storing keys, wallets, and other items. Most of them are comes in fives pockets. Our cargo pants are manufactured in tapered designs with variety of colors. If you pair it with Blucheez’s tee you will look definitely stand out from the crowd!


If you are thinking about a relax vacation in this summer, then Blucheez’s shorts is must have in your wardrobe collection. These shorts are crafted with cotton including breathable functionally and spandex for ensuring freedom of movement. Our shorts are mid- thigh length, some are come with cargo pockets and can be paired with Blucheez t-shirt or casual shirt. These are perfect for casual outings, beach trips and outdoor activities.

Soigné appearance is one of the quickest ways to stand out yourself from the crowd. Dressing well helps to boost confidence, look professional and express yourself in better way. Blucheez men’s collection will provide you with a plethora of options for this. Then what are you waiting for? Make any of it your go-to outfit now!

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