Solar Panel Types and Installation Cost

Solar Panel Types and Installation Cost

Around the globe, many homeowners are selecting to install solar power systems in their homes. Their motivation is to reduce their carbon footprints while reducing their energy cost. While solar rooftop plant is getting popular among homeowners, they have many queries related to this system. So today we will talk about these queries and will try to answer some of the most asked questions about solar panel systems, their types, and the cost of installation.

So let’s start with what is a solar panel system?

Roof-mounted solar panel systems absorb and convert the energy-packed photons of sunlight into a form of energy that can be used for daily needs.  Solar panel systems are also known as PV or photovoltaic solar power systems.

The installation of a solar power system can exclude or reduce your dependence on the utility power grid that supplies electricity to your home for your needs of lighting, heating, cooling, or operating of your home.

Residential solar power systems require a little high cost of installation but it is a one-time investment as on a long term go these solar panels require a low cost of maintenance while power grid electricity has a high billing cost nowadays. So to get rid of high electricity bills you can go with the one-time investment in solar panel installation. Tata solar panel distributor in Gurgaon can help you in installing a solar panel at your home and rooftop.

What are the types of solar panel systems?

There are mainly three types of solar panel systems:

  1. On-grid system–  If you are willing to install a solar panel system at your home and don’t wish to invest a high amount then an on-grid system would be the best option for you. These systems are connected with the utility grid and the power they generate through sunlight is sent to the grid which would help in reducing your power needs through the grid system alternatively reducing your electricity bills.
  2. Off-grid system- As the name suggests this system is in no way connected to the power grid. The only way your home would get electricity is through solar panels generating electricity when they get sunlight. This system also has solar inverters or batteries to store electricity for days when the weather is not good or for the time after the sunsets.
  3. Hybrid system- A hybrid system is an on-grid system with battery storage. The solar panels are connected with solar batteries to store energy for night or times when there is a power cut whereas the home is also connected to the power grid for electricity. Hence this system ensures a constant power supply in your home.

So, now you can decide which solar rooftop power plant would suit best for your home’s power needs. If you are just trying to save your electricity bills by switching towards renewable sources of energy then an on-grid system is best for you. If you are living in Delhi  NCR then an on-grid system will majorly suit your needs, so you can install a solar power plant in Delhi NCR at your rooftops and save a good amount of your electricity bills which affect your pockets a lot. Whereas an off-grid system is good in areas where there are no electricity connection grids. The rural areas need off-grid systems to meet their demands of daily consumption. Now comes the hybrid system which can be used in areas where you have to face a lot of power cuts. This system is expensive but if you wish to get battery backups all around the year then it is the best-suited system.

So once you select the type of solar panel system you want to install then you need to know the cost of installation. So here’s the next question answered for you.

What is the cost of installing a solar panel system?

Solar panel installation cost starts from Rs 30000perKw and goes on as per your needs. If you feel that the installation cost is high you should always calculate the payback speed of the system. As the installation cost would always be less than the electricity bills you are paying in a year.

You should always remember one fact: 

The solar panel installation cost varies with the size you need, the area you live in and the types of equipment you choose, and the installer you go with. Adler Group is one of the top 10 solar companies in Delhi NCR and they provide you with the best installation without any hassle.

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