Strong business website development ideas that will impact the leads more!

Strong business website development ideas that will impact the leads more!

Building a website is both a piece of cake, and taming the wolf; at the same time!

Hosting the website is easy, but making it to generate leads is equally difficult.

You will begin to build the website with certain goals in your mind, but in the end the results may not be so pleasant as you have thought.

And when the question is about creating a business website, then you definitely need to put in some great research surrounding the whole business website development. Otherwise, your business will never have a successful online presence over the internet.

The reason is, everyday millions of website are getting hosted all around the globe. You might not know, but quite a good number of them are falling under your business niche and genre.

With so many websites getting created, how will you make your business website stand out?

How will you make your website touch the customer’s heart and grip their minds?

How will your website become the people’s favorite, and how will your business become the people’s choice?

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This post will give you some of the most overlooked business website development ideas, which are bound to make more impact on your leads!

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Your business website should mean business:

Focus is everything. If you steer away from your motto and objectives, then no project will ever stand up.

When making your business website, you should have a list of purposes.

What is the role of this website?

If it is about displaying your products and services, which people will eventually click to purchase them; then your website should only be dedicated towards accomplishing so.

If it is about providing online tech support to your customers only; then there’s no need to put up your products on sale, on the website.

Unnecessary materials, strewn on the website, is a huge turn-off for users.

Say for example, you own an electronics store. Your business website will need to have all the details of the products you sell.

Try to stick onto the products, that you actually deal with!

If you already own an offline physical store, then the business website should be an exact online replica of the store!

This might sound a normal ‘website making’ criterion; but believe it or not, many business owners do create a completely different website in contrast to their business.

The result is absolute chaos!

The website needs to be light, and load at the speed of light:

People are going mobile.

They want information, wherever they are and whenever they want. Speed has become a top feature for any website.

Most of today’s user traffic are based on hand held devices like smart phones and tablets. If your website is not giving the audience the freedom to navigate on any device they want, then your user base will only decrease with time.

For making your website load fast, and device friendly at the same time; you have to pay attention to the programming, going on behind your website.

Therefore, sit down with your team of developers and discuss how to make your website light weight and speedy.

Like which web app development framework to choose- Angular, or React, and so on!

A user friendly UI/UX:

Your website is nothing, without users and visitors.

That’s the fundamental truth.

And, to satisfy your audience, you have to have a user friendly UI and UX.

In easy words, we can say that both UI and UX are the look and feel of your website respectively. This is what really matters the most in your whole business website development process.

UX stands for User Experience.

This takes care of how the users will interact with the content of your website.

What are the steps that a user has to encounter before they initiate a purchase on the website, or become your client.

This part is taken care by the whole UX design.

On the other hand, UI stands for User Interface; and it will take care of the looks of your website.

More simple is your website to navigate, more audiences will it attract.

To note, in building an efficient UI/UX structure; the graphics design team, the programming team, and the content development team will need to collaborate with each other!

Hence, make sure that all these teams are well equipped with knowledge and experience.

Search Engine optimized contents will play the real magic:

Without SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your website can never make itself popular in the tough competition of the internet.

Every website needs to be enriched with contents. And, all these contents must adhere to the strict rules of SEO.

The job of SEO is to pull organic traffic to your website. SEO is majorly based on keywords. These keywords or key phrases help the search engines to understand the content of your website.

When a person searches for a product or service, which matches with the keywords used in your website contents; then the Search Engines will show your website as a result based on the relevancy of your content.

Therefore, your team of content writers should be filling your website with all the required Search Engine Optimized contents.

It is SEO that will expand the reach of your website, and make it visible to higher number of visitors.

A good SEO friendly web design, will also let it rank higher than its competitors. Hence give this section a big priority while developing your business website.

Have the clients leave behind testimonials:

People love to see reviews.

When it comes to business, then the main trust factor is always relying on the past reviews of the business.

For every business website, client testimonials speak a lot! They will definitely increase your trust value, and make a long lasting impression on the user’s mind.

It’s very easy to get hold of client testimonials. The best way is to upload videos of your clients, speaking about their experience.

You can even post written reviews of your clients, both on your website, and on Google reviews as well.

There’s a hidden benefit to client testimonials! When providing a written review or transcript of a testimonial video, we are mentioning some generic keywords- that includes your company name too!

Hence, client testimonials will let you increase your business reputation, and unintentionally provide more SEO enriched contents to the website!

A 24/7 customer care support:

People need to visit a website, when they want information. Be that related to news, sales, education, or anything.

When you are hosting your business website, you must ensure that your users and existing clients should never leave the site feeling disappointed.

The only way to make your site special, is by providing a 24/7 customer care support. The business website development should include the creation of a chat box, a video/audio conference portal, and tailored solutions for all the clients.

Your website must provide all the necessary information that your users and client desperately want.

Many good business websites overlook this small but very impactful factor. Customer support is truly what people love to see!

The website must have social media wings:

This final point is not directly related to the website development, but will indirectly boost the website’s popularity and make it saturated in the world of internet.

Social Media is fast and functions well on all had held devices. So, your website must have its own dedicated social media channels on all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on.

All of your posts, and user profile details, on the social media channels must link back to your business website.

Hence, the traffic interacting or engaging with your social media posts, should be well notified of your official business website.

We have to believe it, that the importance of Social Media is only increasing day by day!

Hence, there you go!

All the basic business website development ideas are now known to you!

Even if you need more assistance in solving some critical website development issues, or need help in building your business website from the scratch; then our team of web development experts, at Velarudh Infotech, are eager to help you out.

Drop us a mail today, and our representatives will reach you in no time!

Cheers! Have a good day!

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