Top 5 Places to Install Home Surveillance Cameras

Top 5 Places to Install Home Surveillance Cameras

In this age of the perfection of science and technology, people are becoming aware of the importance of maintaining privacy and protection. Now, with the blessings of technology, people can easily know what is happening while they stay out. One of the important ways to do this is by installing a surveillance camera. According to a recent study, most thieves are deterred by the sight of a security camera.

Whether you are planning to have your security cameras installed by a professional or by yourself, you will need to know how to choose the correct cameras and the best locations to install your security cameras.

Top 5 Ways to Install Home Security Cameras

Selecting the right places to install your cameras is just as important as finding the right cameras for your home. . Consider places like first-floor windows, garages, or even rooftops as entry points that would be more attractive to intruders.

Here are the five places where you should always install a surveillance camera:

Front Door

An estimated 34% of all burglars enter homes through the front door, so you’ll want to install one of your surveillance cameras here. To stop an intruder from tampering with your camera, place it on the second floor, or even the roof of your house, and focus it on the front door. If your home has only one level, consider protecting your front door chamber in a metal cage to protect it from rocks, sticks, or other weapons.

Expert Tip: You can install a spy camera so you can see who is knocking before you open the door.

Rear Doors

Another 22% of thieves enter through the rear and side doors, so you’ll want cameras too. It is important to arm each front door with a camera. Again, make an effort to place your camera out of reach to protect it from anything an intruder might throw at it.

Expert Tip: Make sure to install a camera that is weather-resistant and equipped with night vision. The security cameras for outdoor SMARTCAM offer up to 40 meters of night vision, audio, and 10x optical zoom. These cameras can move 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees.

Outdoor security cameras

Burglars often enter homes through backyards. By choosing an area that is not in direct view of the street, you decrease your chances of being caught. Placing cameras in backyards will allow you to catch any intruders that may be out of sight from the street.

Expert Tip: Your best bet here is to employ a wireless security camera that has remote control abilities and can be handled from a mobile device or tablet. SMARTCAM cameras with 360-degree views are a great option for adding additional coverage to entry points like backyards.

Front Yard and Garden

Things like lawn and garden trimmers and children’s bicycles left outside can attract intruders to your yard. Be sure to set up your garden with motion sensor spotlights and a night vision camera. If your back part is fenced in, make sure your camera has a view of the front door (or install a second camera there).

Expert Tip: Put a camera in sight. Often, just looking at a security camera is enough to make an intruder move to another home. From a value perspective, SMARTCAM offers some of the most affordable, high-quality outdoor security systems.

Stairs and roofs

Many rooftops have access to hatches, doors, or at least small windows that are large enough to enter. Place a camera on the stairs leading from the roof to your home to record any intruders who may enter your home through a rooftop window or other entrance.

Expert Tip: When it comes to securing your rooftop, you desire to employ a motion sensor safety camera that comes with night vision. SMARTCAM offers motion-sensitive cameras with infrared night vision.

How many security cameras will you require?

How many security cameras you require to provide safety to your home generally depends on the size and layout of your home. You will need to consider things like the number of areas you want to monitor, camera viewing angles, and indoor and outdoor surveillance CCTV cameras to define how many cameras you will require.

You will also notice that surveillance systems offer single or multiple channels. Each of the channels represents a single camera, so the number of channels you need in a system directly corresponds to the number of cameras you plan to use. If you only plan to monitor a single area, a camera and a single channel should be sufficient. However, if you want to monitor multiple areas at the same time, you will need a multi-channel system.

What is the best viewing angle?

Whether you install indoor or outdoor security cameras, you will need to know how wide or narrow the view you want is before selecting your system. Wide-angle lenses register wider viewing locations, but objects within that location will become smaller. Narrow lenses capture narrower views, but objects within that view will appear larger.

If you are installing a camera on your own and you are unsure whether you need a smaller or larger field of view, you may want to choose a camera with a varifocal lens that can be properly adjusted during installation. At SMARTCAM, we are experts in the installation of security cameras in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, and we can gladly advise you on the most convenient system for your needs.

What features of the security camera are important?

Lastly, you will need to do your research and decide which features are important to your home security system. If you plan to have your system professionally monitored, you will also want to research which cameras are compatible with the features you want the most. There are many aspects to consider when selecting a home security camera. When it comes to the security and customization of your system, start by considering these features:

Live and remote monitoring: Easily monitor your home using your security system’s mobile app or a web browser.

Activity Alerts: Receive real-time alerts via email, text messages, push notifications, or phone calls if your security camera detects any suspicious activity.

Storage: The security video is stored on the same camera, or you can record it in the cloud.

Pan and Zoom Features: Most cameras allow users to pan, tilt, and zoom through the security system’s app or web browser.

Two-Way Voice Communication: Use your safety and surveillance device’s built-in speaker and microphone to know what’s happening in your home and communicate with whoever is there.

Multi-channel recording: Monitor multiple rooms in your home using a multi-channel security system.

Tamper Alerts: The security camera transmits an alert when someone interferes with it.

Night Vision: Capture at night using cameras equipped with infrared technology.

How does professional installation facilitate us?

The installer, who is professional, can save you time and ensure that your cameras are installed correctly. Your installer can ensure that you are using the correct cameras for the type of security you need. They can also ensure your security cameras are angled correctly and your walls are protected during installation. Also, necessary repairs are generally covered by the installer’s company.

If you do not feel confident installing your security camera, it is best to hire an installer. It can be more costly to do so, but the installation is guaranteed to be successful. SMARTCAM offers the basic free installation service for all its clients in Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, a great value service included in the purchase of any of the security cameras offered by SMARTCAM.

How much will you have to spend to hire an installer who is professional?

The cost of hiring a professional to employ your surveillance cameras may vary based on location, type of wiring, your property’s security needs, and other factors.

If you think of hiring someone else to install your security cameras, make sure it is a specialized surveillance camera company.


Finally, to conclude, we may come to the conclusion that the above discussion about placing CCTV and surveillance cameras in the right place will help the users install their devices.

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